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Over 80% of your clients are online – so why are you wasting your hard earned advertising dollars elsewhere?

Like many, you might think that advertising online is too complicated or, worse, ineffective.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Advertising online has several advantages over typical media such as newspaper, radio and television.

wno_advertisingFor one, you get way more BANG for your advertising dollar. Your ad is shown in high impact FULL COLOR. It can be interactive, animated – even contain short video – and can link to your own website or Facebook profile for instant response.

It’s no secret that over 80% of your customers are online. They are leaving traditional media behind and embracing the Internet – you should too! Why? Think about it…the Internet offers all of the advantages of print, radio and television…instantly… across a multitude of platforms and devices. Plus, it provides one thing the others can’t – interaction. Social connections. Networking. Instantly.

Ok! Tell me more!

Your ads are working for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. With radio and television, your ads will run during specific time slots, between the content, along with other ads. In newspapers, your ad only shows on a specific page, in a specific slot and will get 30 minutes of exposure, at best, on any given day.

With us, your ad runs concurrently with our content, not separate from, and it is updated several times daily. People access our content all day. Your ad isn’t relinquished to a specific time slot or page. In fact, it shows up on ALL pages, including the front page. We also provide the largest local audience for your advertisement with over 20,000 monthly visitors…3.4 page views per visitor…that’s 68,000 impressions of your ad every month. And those are REAL numbers. Try getting that much mileage out of those other advertising services…you can’t.

Must be expensive?

Actually, this is yet another area where we outshine those other guys. We base our ad costing on our traffic base and standard rates per 1000 impressions – and then we give you a 70% discount. Why? Because we know the web and we know small business. We’re here to help you – not gouge you. We are able to keep our operating costs down and pass those savings onto you. So forget $10 – $80 per 30 second slot. Forget $250 per week for a 1/8th of a page ad in the newspaper.

Right now, we’re offering you a full color, interactive and actionable 280×100 pixel (4 inches x 1.5 inches) ad, on the main page of, across all pages (including the front page), with 10,000 to 20,000 visitors per month for… ONLY $30/month!!   When you think about it, you could pay over $1,200 for 6 weeks with the other guys or, $360 for a whole year with us...


All ads also get shown on our local informational website

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