Northern Ontario Rancher Battles to Round Up Escaped Bison Herd After Fence Damag

A fallen tree damaged part of a farm fence near Lavigne, approximately 60 km west of North Bay, allowing a herd of over 50 bison to escape. Rancher Muharram Genc is spending the weekend attempting to round up the wandering animals in the Lavigne area along Highway 64. The Ontario Provincial Police North East Region issued an advisory on X (Twitter) on Thursday, alerting motorists to be vigilant in the area.

Genc noted that the exact number of missing bison is uncertain due to the ongoing calving season, with many new animals likely born recently. The herd has moved to a large field about two kilometers from Genc’s property, which consists of flat land and brush.

Genc mentioned that predators are not a concern as bison are large and capable of defending themselves. He and some neighbors are using horseback riders and ATVs to surround and guide the bison back to the farm. He emphasized that herding bison is more challenging than herding cattle because bison remain wild and are nervous around humans, often running away from people approaching them.

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