Over 700 Challenge New Rental Bylaw in West Nipissing

A petition against a proposed Short Tern Rental bylaw has garnered significant attention, amassing over 700 signatures from local residents and taxpayers within a week. Initiated by Roch Pellerin, the petition challenges the bylaw’s restrictive terms and has been scheduled for discussion at the upcoming council meeting, where a notable presence of opponents is expected.

The bylaw, characterized by its expedited timeline for approval, has raised concerns due to unresolved issues and errors identified in its final draft. Despite these concerns, there is a proposal for the council to proceed with a vote on the bylaw at the meeting. The outcome of this vote will determine whether the bylaw becomes official amidst the opposition and acknowledged drafting inaccuracies. This development represents a critical juncture for the community, highlighting a debate over regulatory measures and the process of their adoption.

Read More Here: www.westnipvoice.ca/p/700-sign-airbnb-bylaw-petition

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