Nominations Open for New Councillor – One Candidate in the Running So Far

The time has come to choose a new councillor for West Nipissing. This started when a councillor from Ward 8 (Lavigne) stepped down last week. Now, the council is looking to fill his spot.

The rules for who can apply are simple. If you’re a Canadian citizen over 18 and live in West Nipissing or own or rent property there, you can throw your hat in the ring.

To apply, you’ll need to fill out a form and get at least 25 people from West Nipissing to support your application.

On May 15th, the council will have a special meeting to talk to all the candidates and then vote to pick the new councillor.

So far, one person has said they want the job. A farmer from Lavigne, Dave Lewington, posted on social media that he’s got a lot of support and his family is behind him. Lewington, 46, has been farming cattle in Lavigne for 20 years.

Lewington knows his way around local politics and is seen as a strong choice for the position. Right now, he’s the only one who has said he wants to run.

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