West Nipissing Residents Rally Against Proposed Short-Term Rental By-Law

In West Nipissing, a growing number of residents, led by short-term rental operator Roch Pellerin, are pushing back against a proposed by-law aimed at regulating short-term rentals in the area. Pellerin, who has initiated a petition against what he describes as “overly restrictive” measures, argues that the by-law could harm the local tourism industry and impose unnecessary burdens on rental operators. With several hundreds of signatures collected, the petition urges the municipal council to either vote against the by-law or delay its implementation for further public consultation.

The contentious by-law, in development since last September, is slated for a final council discussion and potential vote on April 2. It includes provisions for an annual licensing fee of $750 for the first year and $250 for renewals, with a cap of 100 licenses available. Pellerin and his supporters contend that the by-law’s restrictions are excessive and could lead to increased enforcement costs for the municipality. Despite a public meeting and a survey conducted by the council, which saw limited participation, Pellerin believes more extensive public engagement is necessary to ensure the by-law reflects the community’s needs.

As the April 2 council meeting approaches, Pellerin is intensifying his efforts to gather support, distributing petitions throughout Sturgeon Falls and encouraging residents to voice their concerns. The outcome of this mobilization could significantly influence the future of short-term rentals in West Nipissing, highlighting the importance of community involvement in local governance.

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