Municipal Staff Raise Alarm Over Safety Concerns in West Nipissing Buildings

West Nipissing is exploring safety measures for its municipal buildings and staff due to recent security concerns. The Chief Administrative Officer, Jay Barbeau, emphasized the municipality’s responsibility to protect its facilities and those within them, citing incidents where individuals accessed restricted areas or remained hidden in buildings after hours. Library staff have expressed discomfort with certain individuals, prompting the consideration of security enhancements, including more cameras, keyed entries, and possibly security guards. Although no injuries have been reported, there has been an increase in staff feeling threatened, particularly those working late.

This concern is partly attributed to a rise in homelessness, but other factors are also at play. The town aims to be proactive in updating its safety protocols to reflect current challenges. Stephan Poulin, Director of Economic Development and Community Services, noted that these issues extend beyond the Municipal Office and library to other public facilities, underscoring a comprehensive approach to ensuring the safety of staff and the public alike.

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