Callander council views AirBNB bylaw time consuming & redundant.

In a recent development, the Callander municipal council has deferred the decision to establish a regulatory by-law for short-term rentals within its jurisdiction. This move comes amidst recognition that existing municipal by-laws already address common concerns related to short-term rentals, such as noise disturbances and parking issues, potentially rendering a new by-law superfluous.

Councillor Mike Dell highlighted the importance of property rights, stating, “Your house is your biggest asset,” and advocating for the right of individuals to rent their properties for short durations. Dell, however, expressed reservations about businesses acquiring properties exclusively for short-term rental purposes.

A significant challenge identified by Dell pertains to the monitoring of online rental platforms like Airbnb and Vrbo. He described this as an overly burdensome task for municipal staff, akin to “chasing ghosts,” due to the necessity of continuously tracking numerous rental listings.

The Callander council might revisit short-term rental regulations in the future, particularly during upcoming strategic plan discussions, but currently, no changes are planned.

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