West Nipissing Strikes Gold: Cache Bay Trailer Park Sells for $761,000, Future Unknown.

In a strategic financial move, West Nipissing has sold the Cache Bay Trailer Park for $761,000, surpassing the initial reserve bid of $600,000. The 8+ acre property, located on Lake Nipissing, was deemed surplus by the municipality due to rising maintenance costs and necessary upgrades, notably to the outdoor pool. The decision to sell, influenced by the annual maintenance cost of approximately $89,000, aims to alleviate the financial burden on the town, which has seen tax increases of 5% last year and 21% over the last five years.

The sale, finalized with a numbered business, 1000688343 Ontario Inc., represents a significant financial boost for West Nipissing, adding its 2023 revenue. This windfall is seen as a positive development by officials like Chief Administrative Officer Jay Barbeau and Deputy Mayor Jamie Restoule. However, the future of the trailer park under the new ownership remains unknown, as the community awaits further details.


  1. I said that would happen as soon as I heard about the amalgamation of the smaller communities with Sturgeon Falls. Sturgeon will take any assets from the smaller communities such as Cache Bay, Verner, Field, etc… Will any of the money go to Cache Bay? I think not. They changed the name of the street that I was born and raised on. So so sad. Glad I no longer live there, breaks my heart.

  2. These smaller communities need help. Instead of taking away it’s only resources try putting in a factory, stores, businesses. They then could maintain their budget. There are no jobs. The park brought in money to the town although not enough, it was something. This water park will not generate any income, although it is great for the kids, but the town needs revenue. When the mill was running Cache Bay was huge. It had it’s own hospital, 3 or 4 convenience stores, a clothing store, laundry facility, fire station, train station, three churches, a restaurant, post office and people from all over would come there to work. Now it is a pensioners home. I loved that little town and it saddens me that it seems to be dying.

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