Hook, Line, and Scandal: MNRF Probes Cheating Allegations in Top 50 Classic Fishing Tournament

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) is investigating allegations of cheating at the Top 50 Classic fishing tournament held earlier this month on Lake Nipissing in Northern Ontario. The controversy revolves around two teams accused of altering the northern pike they caught to gain an advantage. The tournament rules state that three of the five northern pike caught by anglers must be 61 cm or shorter. The accused teams are said to have caught longer pike and then trimmed their tails to meet the size limit. A Facebook post from the tournament organizers mentioned that the accused anglers have denied the allegations and offered to take polygraph tests. Those refusing the test would be permanently banned from future tournaments. The MNRF has not provided further comments as the investigation is ongoing. Read More Here northernontario.ctvnews.ca/mnrf-investigating-cheating-allegations-at-northern-ont-fishing-tournament-1.6571987)

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