Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts Present Local Labour Market Plan 2023

The Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts have released their 2023 Local Labour Market Plan, which aims to identify significant workforce challenges and set a strategic direction to address them. The Labour Market Group (LMG) has put forth a series of initiatives designed to support the local economy, assist job seekers, and help businesses access the skilled workers they need to be competitive.

The 2023 plan comes in response to the unprecedented changes in labour force supply and demand, with new terms such as “The Great Resignation” being featured in news and media outlets due to the overwhelming demand for workers. All industries are facing critical shortages of employees, affecting business expansion, economic growth, and sustainability. The plan emphasizes the need for employers to find innovative solutions that prioritize employee well-being, engagement, and recognition to attract and retain valued talent.

The plan highlights three key themes, each with specific goals and strategies to address workforce challenges.

Theme one focuses on increasing small business capacity during unprecedented labour market challenges, by increasing awareness and uptake of programs and services that assist with business growth and hiring needs.

Theme two aims to promote the availability of employment opportunities in the region, addressing the high demand for workers and the effects of an aging workforce. The goal is to work with employers and Employment Ontario agencies to ensure local jobs are filled and sustained.

Theme three aims to inform job seekers, partners, and agencies of the realities of the local labour market by using labour market information (LMI) as a decision-making tool. This will guide the career paths of those looking to enter the labour market and showcase the needs and challenges facing various industry sectors.

The plan recognizes that technology and automation are influencing local economies at a rapid pace, and that keeping abreast of broader global trends is essential for preparing local businesses for the workplace of tomorrow. Continued consultations with key partners will ensure the districts remain committed to building a strong, resilient, and skilled workforce that is prepared for tomorrow’s economy.

Overall, the 2023 Local Labour Market Plan for Nipissing and Parry Sound Districts outlines strategies to address critical workforce development challenges and support local businesses. By working together to build a strong, resilient, and skilled workforce, the districts aim to meet the demands of the 2023 labour market and beyond.

You can view or download the Market Plan here: