Mermaid Sculpture: Marina Finally Makes a Splash in Sturgeon Falls!

The sculpture Marina the Mermaid has finally been installed along the pathway of Minnehaha Bay in Sturgeon Falls after being stored in a municipal garage for about three years. This seven-foot tall, stainless steel sculpture was crafted by Laval Bouchard and originally named Bobette. It was acquired by the Sturgeon Falls Beautification Group, who renamed her Marina and included her as part of the town’s art walk.

The founder of the group, Gayle Primeau, remarked, “It’s a big checkmark off the list. The artwork gets people talking, and gives another reason for people to come to the area.” The installation was a community effort, and Primeau expressed gratitude to those who helped set up the statue, including the Labelle Brothers who donated and placed the rock on which Marina is perched. Despite initial reluctance from the Municipal Council to place the sculpture on municipal property, the Beautification Group found private land for Marina, successfully establishing her home.