MP Serré responds to attacks against CBC/Radio-Canada


The CBC/Radio-Canada is a vital resource, especially for the Francophone community and residents across Northern Ontario. It’s disappointing and irresponsible for the Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre to suggest that our public broadcaster is a propaganda tool for the Liberal Government.

I’m proud of the work that CBC and Radio Canada journalists do, day in and day out to provide small communities with the latest news. For the francophone community in particular, local programs presented by Radio-Canada allow Francophones from various regions of the country to share information, get to know each other, and discuss issues that are important to them.

The establishment of our public broadcaster was not an accident. Here in Nickel Belt, over 20,000 constituents signed a petition demanding that CBC establish French services in our region. My father, former MP for Nickel Belt, had the honour of presenting this petition in 1970. Given the extent of English-language media, and more particularly, American media and the growing number of streaming networks, now more than ever the French-speaking community in Canada absolutely needs CBC/Radio-Canada. Without it, the Francophone communities across Canada could lose access to an important part of its identity, culture and heritage.

CBC Radio Canada is a Canadian institution we should all be proud of. Elected leaders, should not be attacking legitimate Canadian broadcasting institutions that so many rely on, they should be working together to strengthen them.

Marc G. Serré
Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of
Official Languages