Advocacy organization campaigns for the establishment of a homeless shelter in West Nipissing.

West Nipissing provides a shelter for women but lacks facilities for men or low-threshold shelters.

No More Tears West Nipissing, a new volunteer group in northern Ontario, aims to fill service gaps for people experiencing homelessness. They recently held a successful food and essential items drive, collecting more items than expected. The group’s ultimate goal is to establish a shelter for the homeless. While West Nipissing has a women’s shelter, it lacks a men’s or low-barrier shelter. Many homeless individuals travel to North Bay or Sudbury during winter months to access more services. West Nipissing’s mayor, Kathleen Thorne Rochon, acknowledges the challenges small municipalities face in obtaining funding and expertise to expand housing and social services. The town is investing over $3.4 million this year into various programs, including housing services, and is lobbying for more funding to address housing issues in smaller communities.

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