Could this be the last time we put our clocks ahead?

We’re approaching the time of year when people might enjoy the extra hour of sunshine or detest losing an hour of sleep, but legislation in the US that could do away with the time change is also making progress.

A law establishing permanent DST in Ontario was passed by the Ontario government in 2020. The law will only take effect, though, if Québec and New York State follow suit.

A U.S. measure to enable the change, which has previously been blocked, is now back in the running.

Premier Francois Legault of Québec has stated that he is inclined to making daylight saving time permanent.

Last Monday, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio reintroduced the Sunshine Protection Act, which would let states extend daylight saving time.

The “ritual of changing time twice a year is stupid,” according to Rubio, who added that bipartisan support exists to do away with the custom.

The bill would have an impact on Ontario, which has been waiting for neighbouring American states to end the time shift before doing the same.