West Nipissing Council to Sell The Cache Bay Trailer Park

Cache Bay Trailer Park in West Nipissing is set to open in May 2023, despite the municipal council’s decision to sell the property due to rising maintenance costs. In the past, the trailer park was leased to an operator, but the contract was not extended, prompting the municipality to take over the facility’s management for the upcoming season. The estimated cost of implementing necessary upgrades for the park this year is $226,000, with an additional $90,000 in maintenance costs expected over the next eight years. As a result, the municipality will spend approximately $89,000 to operate the park for the upcoming season. Staff is currently waiting for guidance from the council on how to proceed with the sale of the property.

The staff has proposed two options for the sale of the Cache Bay Trailer Park property. The first option involves conducting an initial environmental evaluation of the land, followed by an appraisal and the sale of the property with the appraised value as the minimum bid. Alternatively, the second option is to sell the property “as is, where is,” with no warranties or assurances provided by the municipality regarding the property. The trailer park covers an area of around 8.5 acres and is situated on the shore of Lake Nipissing. The property is part of a larger parcel of land covering approximately 226 acres, extending along the north shoreline of Cache Bay. More specifically, the park is located on a portion of lots 9, 10, and 11 in Concession 1, Springer Township, with nearly 500 feet of water frontage.