Réjean Venne to run for West Nipissing Council

Today I am announcing that I am seeking to represent West Nipissing residents in the upcoming municipal elections.

I am a 33 year old husband and father of three. I was born in Sudbury but lived in Ottawa for 10 years before settling down with my family in West Nipissing four years ago.

I have a background in marketing and finances with a Masters degree in business. After a successful career in the insurance sector I became a full-time parent and self-employed property investor in 2018. I am fluently bilingual and have held various positions on volunteer boards in my career and in the community.

I have been a vocal critic of the current council for its lack of cooperation, which has led to enormous harm and setbacks in the community. I want to help change this by presenting a new voice that will work with all other councillors. I will not play political games like our previous representatives. I will not represent other councillors and I will not represent my personal interests.

I will ONLY represent West Nipissing residents.

I look forward to helping this city with plans for the 100 acre former Weyerhaeuser mill site. I believe this site can be a landmark development and really help grow and sustain our community long term.

My experience as a landlord and property manager has helped me understand the urgent housing problems we are faced with. I know that we don’t have enough apartments and I know the prices are unaffordable for many.

I know election promises are often overused and overly ambitious. But I will make just three simple ones.

I will COMMUNICATE with EVERY resident. I will answer all emails, messages or questions. I will return all phone calls. Even if we disagree, I will take your phone call, answer your question and offer a justification or rationale for any policy I vote on.

I will LISTEN and WORK with EVERY council member regardless of personal differences or disagreements. That is the only way to move this city forward.

I will REPRESENT EVERY constituent.

In my opinion the most important responsibilities of a councillor is to ensure that the public’s well-being and interest are maintained. This is done by respecting all current and future taxpayers, representing all residents and working with all councillors.

I believe I have the qualifications and experience to fulfill these very important duties and if you will elect me, I’ll commit to my three promises.

My goal during the campaign period is to meet, speak to or get to know as many Ward 1 residents as possible. I will do this by canvassing the community and making myself as available as possible.

I will listen to all questions or comments from all residents. I will return all phone calls, text, messages or emails. I want to hear from you.

Do you have any suggestions, ideas, thoughts, predictions for the 2022-2023 NHL season? I want to hear them all.

Phone or text: 705-315-4680

Email: Venne.Rejean@gmail.com
Facebook: Facebook.com/VoteVenne