Marc G. Serré campaign highlights

PRESS RELEASE September 16th, 2021 Nickel Belt – Greater Sudbury – Marc G. Serré has spent years listening and taking positive action for the people of Nickel Belt. Over the past 5 weeks of the campaign, he has crisscrossed the riding and has been deeply engaged with residents and business owners alike to further understand their unique needs and concerns. As an incumbent, he understands what needs to be done to move those priorities forward for the 48 communities and 3 First Nations within the riding. Overall, the following are the top priorities vocalized throughout Nickel Belt, protecting the environment, economic growth, broadband, senior’s issues, Indigenous issues – but these days, one theme came up most often: affordability.

“Too many people are having difficulty making ends meet. The most noted stressors are related to the cost of housing, childcare, food, and essential services,” noted Serré. “This very real reality is felt through the country and rural communities like Nickel Belt are not immune. Everyone deserves a government and plan that keeps more money in their pockets.”

Marc has the experience and appreciates the gravity of these challenges. He is committed to taking further concrete actions to find solutions aimed at addressing these issues of great importance, for example:

  • Creating more childcare spaces at $ 10 per day;
  • Require financial institutions to offer flexible repayment options by default if you fall on hard times
  • Re-introduce a Disability Benefit Act which will create a direct monthly payment, for low-income Canadians with disabilities ages 18-64
  • Creating good-paying jobs through innovative programs delivered by FedNor which is now an independent agency due to Northern Ontario Liberal MP advocacy
  • Strengthening the National Housing Strategy and investments already in place, and further advancing solutions for affordable housing;
  • Elimination of interest charges Federal portion of student loans and increase the repayment assistance threshold to $50,000
  • Strategies aimed at reducing cost of broadband and cell service;
  • Ensuring the rollout of our plan to boost the OAS by 10% next year for seniors 75 and over and increasing the GIS by $500 for single seniors and $750 for couples, starting at age 65.
  • Home retrofits grants to support the energy efficiency of homes for lower bills and emissions reductions for the planet
  • Introduce amendments to the Canada Labour Code to provide 10 days of paid sick leave for all federally regulated workers so that no one has to choose between going to work sick or paying their bills.
  • Raise corporate income taxes on the largest, most profitable banks and insurance companies who earn more than $1 billion per year and introduce a temporary Canada Recovery Dividend
  • Create a minimum tax rule so that everyone who earns enough to qualify for the top bracket pays their fair share and remove their ability to artificially pay no tax through excessive use of deductions and credits.

“I hear your concerns. Seniors, young people, Canadians living with disabilities, people of all demographics and those who live below the poverty line need more support. September 20th is your chance to re-elect a government that has been there since day 1 of this pandemic to support people with measures like CERB, or to help businesses with rent and wage subsidies. We have a chance to build upon these successes and trace our path forward,” added Serré.

“People can continue to count on the Liberal government who has supported their physical and emotional health, and, to now further boost their economic health. My dedication to public service is unwavering and I am confident that we have a strong plan to rebuild our economic future. This, coupled with the results delivered to date, I believe the people of Nickel Belt will recognize the benefits and am hopeful to have gained their confidence and earned their vote once more on September 20th,” he concluded.

Marc G. Serré hopes to continue working with you and for you, to build a better future that gives everyone a real and fair chance to succeed. Final voting takes place in person on September 20th from 9:30am-9:30pm visit to find out where to vote or call Marc G. Serré’s Campaign office at 1-888-806-8683.