West Nipissing town council scraps plan to control smell of legal cannabis

Several councillors want to see provincial or federal governments handle cannabis odours.

West Nipissing has decided not to outlaw the smell of legally grown cannabis.

Municipal council voted down a proposed bylaw Tuesday night that would have required anyone growing cannabis to control the odour.

“People are going to have to get used to the smell of cannabis. The same way we got used to the smell of asphalt and traffic and cars and stuff,” said West Nipissing councillor Jeremy Seguin.

“It’s going to stink at first and some people may not adjust to it very quickly.”

Councillor Lise Senecal, who first put this idea on the table two weeks ago, said the rights of everyone need to be respected.

“You cannot tell people ‘Well, deal with it.’ Because that’s not the way it’s working,” she told council.

By Erik White · CBC News
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