MP Serré elected Chair of ParlAmerica’s Canadian section

NICKEL BELT – GREATER SUDBURY- On February 5th MP Serré was elected Chair of ParlAmerica’s Canadian section at their AGM. Founded in 2001 in Ottawa, ParlAmericas is the only interparliamentary institution with its International Secretariat headquartered in Canada. The Canadian Section of ParlAmericas works closely with the Secretariat to advance parliamentary diplomacy and political dialogue. Its membership comprises the national legislature of the 35 sovereign countries from North, South Central America and the Caribbean.

“Since 2015, I have participated in a number of the Canadian Section of ParlAmericas’ activities. Engaging with our parliamentary colleagues in the Americas and the Caribbean – through the Open Parliament Network, the Parliamentary Network on Climate Change and the Parliamentary Network for Gender Equality enables us to exchange ideas, explore options and establish relationships as we legislate on behalf of the people we represent,” added Serré.

MP Serré has been a strong advocate in showcasing Nickel Belt – Greater Sudbury’s prominence on the global scale and has helped facilitate opportunities for partnership and growth. During his term on the Standing Committee on Natural Ressources, MP Serré played an integral role in leading the official signing of a letter of intent between The Greater Sudbury Development Corporation (GSDC), the Sudbury Area Mining Supply and Services Association (SAMSSA), and the State of Guerrero (Mexico) to work in collaboration together for mutual economic benefit. This letter of intent still stands today, and partners work together to identify, analyze and develop opportunities for collaboration in the support of mineral development in the State of Guerrero.

These opportunities might include commercial enterprise, capacity building and technical innovation. They can also explore the development of a more formal collaborative framework. “Having a Member of Parliament, and especially Nickel Belt’s own Marc Serré, represent our interests on the ParlAmerica’s group, is great news. Holding conversations that promote for export development, trade relationships, building supply chains, and investment opportunities is good for Canadian businesses and our economy,” said Debbi Nicholson, President Greater Sudbury Chamber of Commerce.

In 2017 MP Serré also traveled to Lima, Peru as a member of the ParlAmericas Canadian delegation to participate in the 3rd Gathering of the ParlAmericas Open Parliament Network. He met with senior officials where he engaged in and facilitated conversations on advancing Canada’s progressive trade agenda, supporting better jobs, safer labour, equality for women, and balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability. He also discussed engaging Indigenous communities in the developing natural resource projects as well as potential opportunities to strengthen the ties between Canada and Peru when it comes to trade, research, and innovation, particularly in the mining sector where both countries share interest.

The other members of the Canadian Section’s Executive Committee are: the Honourable Rosa Galvez, Senator and Ms. Julie Dzerowicz, M.P. as Vice-Chairs; and the Honourable Stephen Greene, Senator, the Honourable Michael L. MacDonald, Senator, the Honourable Julie Miville-Dechêne, Senator, the Honourable Steven Blaney, P.C., M.P., Mr. Richard Cannings, M.P., Ms. Stephanie Kusie, M.P., Ms. Soraya Martinez Ferrada, M.P., Mr. Simon-Pierre Savard-Tremblay, M.P. and Mr. Jamie Schmale, M.P.

Canadian Section of ParlAmericas (CPAM)