MP Serré invites local internet service provider companies to respond to Request for proposal

Marc G. Serré Official Portrait/ Portrait officiel
Ottawa, ONTARIO, Canada on 15 November, 2019.
Credit: Mélanie Provencher, House of Commons Photo Services
NICKEL BELT-GREATER SUDBURY– MP Serré shares that Blue Sky Net is currently accepting Requests for Proposals (RFP) to establish successful vendors to collaborate in an effort to enhance services and broadband infrastructure in Northern Ontario including in Nickel Belt- Greater Sudbury. The RFP will help smaller and local broadband and internet service providers leverage a stronger application to access CRTC Broadband Fund, the Government of Canada’s Universal Broadband Fund.

Blue Sky Net aims to bring affordable broadband and internet services to areas with limited or no access. They are a regionally based technology development organization which was the recipient of FedNor’s capital subsidies for Broadband deployment in Northern Ontario. They help develop and implement ICT (Information and Communications Technology) applications and offer training, education and awareness of technologies to surrounding communities including the City of Greater Sudbury, West Nipissing, the Municipalities of Killarney, French River, St.-Charles, Markstay-Warren as well as the Atikameksheng Anishnawbek and Wahnapitae First Nations.

It is an unfortunate reality that many rural areas not only have slower connectivity speeds and unreliable broadband, but they also pay a premium for it. MP Serré commends Blue Sky Net for asking the private sector to get on board with innovative solutions and thanks them for creating an important tool developed to encourage residents to test their connectivity strength which
provides further evidence of the gaps still existing in the area.

“Blue Sky Net has a solid grasp and understanding of the challenges facing the Nickel Belt – Greater Sudbury area and they are facilitating the development of realistic and affordable solutions. I encourage all residents, businesses, stakeholders, organizations, etc. in Nickel Belt – Greater Sudbury to use their internet speed test and engagement tool to help highlight the many areas that may be inaccurately listed under our government’s framework. It helps create a map representing the true state of our services which can help further leverage the need for
funds in the North to help boost infrastructure,” said MP Serré. “This is a positive step in the right direction, and I look forward to future collaborations with stakeholders working hard for the North! We will help ensure our markets can be more competitive, that our schools can be connected and that every resident can have equal opportunity no matter where they live.”

“Blue Sky Net is grateful for the ongoing operational support of FedNor. The ability for us to deliver technology solutions in Northern Ontario is critical to the ongoing growth and success of
our business community, social engagement, education and health care,” said Susan Church, Executive Director at Blue Sky Net. “It enables us to work with municipalities, economic development organizations, educational institutions and Internet Service Providers to find the right solutions that we hope will garner support from all levels of government. We deserve the same opportunities in Northern Ontario that are found in larger urban centres across Canada.” Blue Sky Net is accepting Requests for Proposals until February 24th and interested parties can
find more information at the links below.

• Request for Proposal:
• Connectivity speed test:
• Blue Sky Net General Information
• CRTC Standards and Funds Broadband Canada

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