NDP introduces a ‘New Deal for Northern Ontario’

Plan focuses on making life more affordable, raising minimum wage, reducing energy costs

Beth Mairs and Stef Paquette, the NDP’s candidates in Sudbury and Nickel Belt, were joined Monday morning by fellow NDP candidates Charlie Angus, Carol Hughes and Rob Boulet at a news conference where the party introduced the party’s ‘New Deal for Northern Ontario.’

The New Democrats say the plan focuses on making life more affordable for Northern Ontario families through a $15 an hour minimum wage. The plan also aims to save families $900 or more per year on energy bills, build 500,000 units of affordable homes across Canada and extend dental coverage to millions of Canadians and work to include it in Medicare.

While the plan is billed as a new deal for Northern Ontario, Mairs said it can benefit all of Northern Canada.

“I haven’t been privy to a conversation like this, as I’m not a member of caucus — I’m a candidate — but this is certainly something that can be a template that can be rolled out across Northern Canada,” Mairs said at Monday’s event, held at Café Obscura on Elm Street.

By: Matt Durnan – Sudbury.com
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