4 federal candidates including Marc Serre accused of Indigenous identity appropriation.

Darryl Leroux says several candidates identifying as Indigenous base their claims on a long-ago ancestor

A Halifax academic is questioning the claims of Indigenous identity by several federal election candidates.

Darryl Leroux, an associate professor of social justice and communities studies at Saint Mary’s University, says at least four federal candidates from the Liberal, Conservative and Green parties have made dubious claims of Indigenous identity.

Nickel Belt Liberal candidate and incumbent MP Marc Serré is the co-chair of the Liberal Party’s Indigenous caucus. (Erik White/CBC)

Leroux, who recently published a book called Distorted Descent: White Claims to Indigenous Identity, said all four claims seem to cling to the largely discredited idea that having one Indigenous ancestor somewhere in the past can bestow someone with an Indigenous identity.

“This idea that all you need is a long-ago blood connection — there is a consensus in Indigenous studies, as theorized and thought through by Indigenous scholars, that this is not acceptable,” said Leroux.

“It actually is an attack against Indigenous self-determination and sovereignty.”

Leroux singled out Marc Serré, an incumbent MP and candidate for the Liberal Party in the Nickel Belt riding in Ontario; George Canyon, a Conservative candidate for Central Nova in Nova Scotia; and Green Party candidates Amanda Kistindey, running in the Ontario riding of Don Valley West, and Jocelyn Rioux, who is running in the Quebec riding of Rimouski-Neigette-Témiscouata-Les Basques.

By:Jorge Barrera, Jessica Deer · CBC News
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Marc Serre’s Rebuttal is below!

In response to the false and misleading allegations in a recent CBC article: I will firmly reiterate that I’m proud of my Indigenous heritage and I am a rightful member of the Mattawa/North Bay Algonquin First Nation community which is part of the Algonquins of Ontario. The Algonquins of Ontario are currently engaged in treaty negotiations with Canada and the Province of Ontario.

I’m disappointed that anyone would create an environment that is counterproductive to the hard work that we have undertaken with our Indigenous partners. We will continue to work towards a society that does not segregate and divide but rather encourages everyone to celebrate their ancestry.

-Marc Serré, Federal Liberal candidate for Nickel Belt