MP Serré recognizes community volunteers

MP Serré recognizes 22 volunteers in Nickel Belt for their outstanding contributions in the community.

NICKEL BELT-GREATER SUDBURY – Volunteers in Nickel Belt shape their communities in a positive way. In recognition of their contributions and their dedicated work, Nickel Belt MP Marc Serré hosted the third annual Community Volunteer Recognition awards to honour 22 Nickel Belt-Greater Sudbury residents.

Building upon the success of previous MP Volunteer Recognition Awards, MP Serré felt it was important to continue acknowledging the selfless acts of many which all too often go unrecognized. The influx of nominations further validates just how much the collaborative efforts of volunteers impacts local organizations and the lives of individuals they seek to help.

“The ongoing efforts of our volunteers makes Nickel Belt/Greater Sudbury such a wonderful place to live. The community volunteer pin is a symbol of unity, solidarity and inclusion which are fundamental values that are deeply rooted within our communities and drive us to work together for the betterment of the place we proudly call home.

Thank you to the nominators who took the time to write in and showcase all the good this year’s recipients have done! Great job to all volunteers in our region- we stand to learn a lot from you!” – MP Nickel Belt Marc Serré.

The 2019 Community Volunteer Recognition Awards recipients are:

  • Dolly Gordon-Andrews (Onaping Falls)
  • Fernand Gascon (Hanmer)
  • Claire Paradis (Chelmsford)
  • Gary Michalak (Azilda)
  • Hermance Veilleux (Chelmsford)
  • Gertrude Rheault (Chelmsford)
  • Armande Girouard-Lafrenière (Verner)
  • Ellen Primeau (Coniston)
  • Stella Meilleur (Azilda) R
  • ené Fournier (Azilda)
  • Marcel Goupil (Azilda)
  • Sandra Boyd (Coniston)
  • Nancy Tyson/Women’s Catholic League (Killarney)
  • Linda Leduc (Field)
  • Kenneth Paquette (Field)
  • Mario Rousseau (Field)
  • Denis Labelle (Field)
  • Ilene Thompson (Capreol)
  • Virginia Langis (Capreol)
  • Rick Mallette (Azilda)
  • Cathy Castanza (Azilda)
  • Steve Rineard (Azilda)
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    Recipients were selected through a grass roots word of mouth initiative where MP Serré invited residents of Nickel Belt- Greater Sudbury to submit nominations. Nominations were accepted for candidates of all ages and from all corners of Nickel Belt- Greater Sudbury who have made a positive difference in their communities through volunteerism.