Police Services Board Disappointed with Ruling and Media Release


The West Nipissing Police Services Board held its regular monthly meeting last evening, the costing judgment and the media release circulated by Mr. Barbeau were discussed. The Board is disappointed with the ruling and very concerned with how the media release was circulated and the misinformation in it.

The media release insinuates that the court action is completed and the OPP transition commences. This statement is inaccurate and article 69 of the ruling clearly specifies that Judge Kirk’s stay of proceeding will continue for 30 days from the judgment date (November 14). Our understanding is that all activities associated to the costing process will be held in abeyance until the stay expires.

This thirty-day stay allows the Board to determine whether an appeal will be filed in relation to this judgment.

The Board is also concerned in the manner, which the message was released. Mr. Barbeau did not provide the Board with sufficient time to inform its employee of the situation. “The media is not the right way for employees to hear about the judgment,” says Mr. Bertrand. The Board believes that Mr. Barbeau’s hastiness in delivering the message demonstrated a lack of professionalism “he should know better” says Mr. Bertrand.

With respect to Mr. Barbeau’s claim that unnecessary costs to taxpayers resulted from this action, the Board maintains that the overall Police Services budget, as approved by council in early 2018, will not increase.

Barry Bertrand  – Board Chair