Serré returns to Ottawa for important meeting on Trans Mountain Pipeline

September 4, 2018- Members of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources called a meeting to discuss the purchase and construction of the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

NICKEL BELT/GREATER SUDBURY – Marc Serré, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt and member of the Standing committee on Natural Resources (RNNR), returned to the House of Commons today to take part in an emergency meeting called by members of the RNNR. The intent of this meeting was to discuss last week’s federal court of appeal ruling related to the Trans Mountain Pipeline project. It was very evident at the end of this meeting that the majority of the committee members remain committed to this project and are looking forward to having shovels in the ground.

“Since being elected in 2015, I have first and foremost represented the interest of all residents across Northern Ontario. On many occasions today’s discussion highlighted the importance of a diversified market approach to help Canada get a fair price for its resources and how to ensure the TMX will create thousands of good well-paying jobs for the middle class in our region and throughout the country,” Serré said.

“At a time when 99% of Canada’s oil exports are destined for the United States and we have an American president who is more interested in dividing and conquering as opposed to working with his friendly allies, it makes sense for us to seek other buyers for our resources. The Trans Mountain Expansion Project represents a good investment, one that is in Canada’s national interest and will deliver a real return on investments for all Canadians. Moving forward, it is critically important that we not rely solely on the US market but diversify our markets internationally and the Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion will give us the opportunity to do just that,” he continued.

“Our government inherited a flawed environmental review process and has made significant efforts to improve it. It is imperative that we continue to meet high standards when it comes to both protecting the environment and our resources while maintaining meaningful engagement with Indigenous People. It was apparent during today’s meeting that many of my colleagues and I are unified and wish nothing more for this project to move forward in the right way,” Serré concluded.