Safety fence to be erected at the West Nipissing Power Generation Dam

In its ongoing efforts to ensure public safety, West Nipissing Power Generation Limited is erecting a fence that will eliminate the access to the riverbank and dam area. At 8 feet in height, the fence will run from the spill dam and continue just south of Queen Street, at the Pumping Station. The walking path along the area will not be impacted, in fact, the thick greenery along the path will be thinned out to enhance the scenic view.

West Nipissing Power Generation Limited has retained an ongoing commitment to public safety and has cautioned residents on the dangers of the site. Various safety measure have recently been implemented, including the nstallation of warning markers, buoy lines, large caution signage, along with lights and horns on the gate equipment. Plant operators have worked attentively to survey the area before performing a gate movement, but the access to the dam continues to pose a threat to public safety. These precautions are necessary and the next step to ensuring the safety of the community. The fence should be completed and up within a month.