Police Services Board Meeting Update

DATE: 2018-06-27

The West Nipissing Police Services Board held its regular meeting on Wednesday June 20th 2018. Part of the discussion including a review of the Tribune article dealing with the current application for Judicial Review dated June 13th 2018. The Board would like to clarify some points.

The Board is pleased that the Court has agreed to hear its request to halt the operation of By-Law 2017/85 until October, when it has had the opportunity to hear the full Application for Judicial Review.

This motion has been scheduled for July 12th. The Ontario Civilian Police Commission has agreed to further delay its consideration of the Municipality’s Section 40 Application until, at minimum, July 16th to allow for the motion before the Divisional Court to proceed.

The Board is confident that it will be successful in its motion on July 12th because the Municipality has utterly failed to present any credible evidence as to how it will be prejudiced by a brief delay. While Mr. Barbeau has asserted that the Municipality stands to lose out on an immediate cost savings of approximately $800,000, this assertion is false.

The financial reports prepared by the Municipality demonstrate that the OPP proposal will not result in a break-even point until, at minimum, 2025. The Board has sufficient funds in its budget to continue this legal action and feels, due to the Council’s continued failure to act in the best interests of the community, that it is compelled to continue with the determination of this legal process. The costs associated with this process would not have been necessary but for the unreasonable conduct of Council.