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NDP promises rail passenger service within 4 years

It won’t happen overnight, but if the Ontario NDP wins the June 7 provincial election, passenger rail service will return to Northeastern Ontario.

Timiskaming Cochrane NDP candidate John Vanthof said Tuesday that “certainly, under and NDP government, it will come back.

“It will take some time to get it back,” Vanthof said at a barbecue lunch at the Ontario Northland workshops on McIntyre Street E. in North Bay.

Vanthof and Nipissing NDP candidate Henri Giroux glad-handed with workers from the provincial Crown agency, cooking up burgers and providing soft drinks in the lead-up to the election.

And while Giroux faces some stiff competition in Nipissing from incumbent Progressive Conservative candidate Vic Fedeli, he believes it will be a close race.

“This is one of the closest elections there is going to be, and it will be between me and Vic,” Giroux said.

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Article and picture by PJ Wilson