West Nipissing Police Officers have dealt with a number of calls since our last update on February 15th . These include 2 weapons offences, 3 motor vehicle collisions, 7 disturbance calls, 8 alarm calls, 4 ongoing theft investigations and one other which resulted in an arrest and charges being laid, and 7 assistance calls for medical or similar reasons. In addition, there were two Domestic Disturbance calls resulting in arrests and charges.

Of note in the area of traffic enforcement, one driver was reported to have passed a school bus while its lights were activated. The vehicle and owner were later located and cautioned.

Two break-ins have been reported. In both instances, the resident had been away for several days. The stolen items include electronics and liquor. Police also responded to suspicious activity reports on two occasions where it appeared someone was prowling around vehicles in parking lots and yards. No suspect was located and reports indicate that vehicles were locked and no thefts occurred. This vigilance on the part of our residents is very important in preventing and deterring crime.

Last, a report of 15 deer loitering at Minnehaha Bay. This call was received on Sunday February 18th at approximately 9:10 a.m. They left prior to police arrival along the south shore of the river. Although suspicious in nature, no criminal activity was detected.