Pot dispensary on Wahnapitae FN selling to recreational users

With formal legalization still several months away, a Sudbury area man has gotten a head start, operating a marijuana dispensary on Wahnapitae First Nation near Capreol.

Chadwick Mcgregor says he and his girlfriend bought an office trailer and opened First Nations Medicinal in September.

Business has been brisk, he said. They sell to both recreational and medicinal pot users, but most who visit the business are recreational users. The couple get their supply from licensed growers, he added.

“We have a wide range (of customers) right now,” Mcgregor said. “We are doing a lot of recreational (sales) … but we have a wide range — people from 19 all the way to 70 years old.”

They offer 20 different strains of cannabis, as well as a range of candy edibles. Mcgregor said he had been a “prohibition grower” of pot for about 17 years. But he had personal addiction issues and became a victim of the opioid crisis that is sweeping North America.

“I went on methadone for opiate addiction when I was addicted to pills,” he said. “I got back into growing when I was going through the methadone program.

“Cannabis helped me get through the withdrawal symptoms. It helped me get through the whole program and complete it and get off of it completely. Since that time, I’ve gotten off all other prescriptions, as well — anti-depressants, anti-anxiety pills, stuff like that.”

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