Chief calls removal of ‘Braves’ head at Northern Secondary in line with TRC Calls to Action

WEST NIPISSING—Nipissing First Nation Chief Scott McLeod has given his support for the removal of the ‘Braves’ head at Northern Secondary School.

Unlike controversies playing out over Indigenous emblems, the Northern Braves’ was created by former student, Terry Dokis, and used since 1971.  The emblem appeared on sports jerseys and elsewhere in the school.

Alumni of the school were proud to have the emblem on their chest and are saddened to see it go.

“I’m sad to see it go, but we are in 2017 now,” expresses Chief McLeod. “It came from a good place in a time when relations in Sturgeon Falls area were not that great with the dispute between the French and English language schools and the splitting. There was a lot of racism back then. So there was unity in the forming of Northern Secondary because there was a large population of First Nation kids in that new school. There was relationship building at that time. The emblem came from a good history at a bad time.”

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