‘Braves’ artist sad to see the crest go from Northern Secondary School

WEST NIPISSING – A Northern Secondary School crest used for years on jackets and sports jerseys, is being phased out and former students, including the artist, are not keen to see it go.

The artist of the crest was only 14 years old, a new high school student in a new school, when she drew the “Brave”.

Monique Laflèche Thornton is now saddened that Northern Secondary School is moving to stop using her Braves emblem creation.

“I do not understand why this is happening or know the reason behind the removal of the crest. I am not a political individual and therefore I do not understand why one would be offended by this powerful and beautiful emblem. The Brave represented power, beauty and courage! It was and still is a connection with humans, my home town, friends from my past and present and our own family.”

Monique Laflèche Thornton recalls being encouraged by her family and friends to enter the contest.  “I loved art.  I was very shy ant the time and looking at the old newspaper pic says it all. I did not expect to win.  The drawing was inspired by the term ‘The Braves.’ I was proud and humble at the same time when they chose my drawing to become the emblem for our school.”

Laflèche Thorton recreated the original drawing on a large canvas that hangs in the gymnasium. The sister of Laflèche Thorton, Frances Cockburn, has assurance from the school that the artwork will remain hanging in the gym. The sisters are Métis with family from Golden Lake.

‘The Braves’ artist says at least her memories of the years of her being a brave cannot be removed. “I ask now what does the name ‘The Braves’ represent?”

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