Verner standoff has long, bizarre history

Man at centre of dispute wrote hit song for April Wine; once sued government for $28M

The standoff between a man and police in Verner came to an end around 5 p.m., West Nipissing Police said late Tuesday.

Two people have been arrested, a man and a woman. The man faces charges of possessing a weapon dangerous to the public peace, careless use of a firearm and unsafe storage of a firearm.

The woman, believed to be an American, is being held on a warrant issued by the Canada Border Services Agency.

While police have not released any names, the home is owned by Lorence William Hud, a 70-year-old musician best known for penning the April Wine hit, Sign of the Gypsy Queen. It’s not known how long Hud has owned the home, but his problems with authorities began 2007 and have escalated since.