Public consultation – April 11 2017


Pursuant to the Police Services Act, the West Nipissing Police Services is in the process of preparing its Business Plan for the next three (3) years.  We wish to hear from the community to assist in preparing Goals and Objectives in certain areas.  Please attend one of the following Public Consultation sessions:

2017-04-2619 :00FieldChevaliers de Colomb/Knights of Columbus


2017-04-2918 :00LavigneCommunity Center/Centre Communautaire


2017-05-0419 :00River Valley


Club les Bons Amis
2017-05-1119 :00Cache Bay


50 + Club
2017-05-2519 :00Sturgeon FallsHall of Fame Room/Salle de la Renommer


2017-06-0719:00VernerClub de l’amitié