MP Serré promoted to Vice Chair of the National Rural Caucus

NICKEL BELT – MP Marc Serré was appointed as Vice Chair of the National Rural Liberal Caucus yesterday at the election held on Parliament Hill and he is thrilled to accept this new role! Serré looks forward to advocating on behalf of the many residents of rural Canada to ensure their voices are heard in Ottawa. This is a natural progression for Serré having served as Chair of the Northern Ontario Liberal Caucus since November 2015.

“I feel extremely humble and grateful to hold this opportunity and am thankful for my colleagues intrusting me with this position. I am dedicated to lead the way and continue to work toward fostering more opportunities for the creation of rural economic development. It’s a privilege to be part of this Caucus and I’m committed to my new responsibilities,” said Serré.

Serré says his priorities continue to focus on:

● M-106 Senior motion,

● broadband fibre optics,

● affordable housing for seniors

● infrastructure for municipalities

● the development of a Super Mining cluster

In addition to his new appointment, Serré continues his roles as a Member of the Standing Committee on Natural Resources, the Standing Committee on the Status of Women, as the Chair of the Northern Ontario Liberal Caucus, and Member of the Liberal Indigenous Caucus.

Having gained a great deal of experience in his committee workings Serré is well suited for this new position and will support growth and change in smaller communities that may not have strong leadership. Serré’s responsibility will continue to take immediate care and action for the future. His focus and ultimate goal is to creating a more sustainable place for the communities to work and live in, and for children to grow and play in.