Sturgeon Falls native could be imprisoned indefinitely


A man with a long and violent history who could be imprisoned indefinitely refused to attend his bail review court session Thursday.

Gilles St. Denis is facing a long jail term for robbing a Sudbury grocery store in 2012 and stabbing a man who tried to intervene.

Prosecutors, however, are also looking at having St. Denis declared a dangerous offender and having a 10-year long-term supervision order imposed on him.

Even though he refused to attend his bail review, Michael Haraschuk, his new lawyer, and the Crown set a date of Dec. 9 for the case to return.

Haraschuk said Thursday he just received disclosure from the Crown and did not have a chance to view it.

“I am new on this matter. It is fresh to me,” he said in asking for time to get caught up on developments in the case.

“I have also had discussions with Legal Aid,” Haraschuk told Superior Court Justice Dan Cornell. “There will be a co-counsel. Mr. (John) Saftic will also be representing Mr. St. Denis as we move forward on this.”

Assistant Crown attorney Christina Croteau said the Crown is concerned about continuing delays in the case, but was not opposed to Haraschuk’s request for time to review the evidence.

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