MP Serré to represent Canadian Section in Washington

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MP Marc Serré travels to Washington, D.C. to represent Canadian section at 55th annual Canada—United States Inter-Parliamentary Group Meeting as a member of the Canadian delegation
Nickel Belt – MP Serré looks forward to participating in this inaugural time-honoured meeting with our American neighbours. Serré believes it is an opportunity to discuss and promote all that we have to offer to the North American market and to create and sustain important cross-border partnerships.

“The close relationship we share as allies, friends, and trading partners with the United States is vital in many ways. I am honored to join my fellow Members of Parliament to meet with our American counterparts at Capitol Hill to discuss the issues, challenges, and goals that confront us as a continent” said Serré.

Topics of discussion at the 55th Annual Meeting include the 9-11 March State Visit, Shared Economic Cooperation and Prosperity, Border Facilitation and Security, Trans-Pacific Partnership, Bilateral Trade in Softwood Lumber, Bilateral Energy Relationship, Bilateral Water Issues, Bilateral Cooperation in Relation to international Armed Conflicts, and U.S. Leadership of the Artic Council.

The 55th Annual Meeting of the Canada—United States Inter-Parliamentary group takes place Monday, June 20—June 22, 2016, in Washington, D.C. For more information about the Canada—United States Inter-Parliamentary Group, visit: