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Serré is very pleased that local priorities have been addressed in the budget

High.Marc.2015 (Small)The 2016 federal budget will have a positive impact in Northern Ontario and will allow Serré to be a strong voice for Nickel Belt.

NICKEL BELT – Marc Serré, Member of Parliament for Nickel Belt believes that the 2016 Federal budget will allow him to get moving on the issues that matter most to Nickel Belt and Greater Sudbury.

Serré is optimistic that some of the community’s best days lie ahead: “After consulting with all the mayors, First Nation and municipal leaders in my riding, I have a good understanding of the challenges and priorities of the communities, and the resourcefulness of the people of Nickel Belt and Northern Ontario.” Serré adds: “Together, we are laying the groundwork for economic growth, which will lead to more jobs, more opportunity, and a greater quality of life.”

Serré will devote himself to issues which he feels strongly about, such as the well-being of seniors, the mining industry, natural resources, science and technology and the need for high- speed broadband networks in rural areas. Serré will continue to work municipalities to pursue infrastructure projects such as the Maley Drive Extension project in combination with MR35 and extending Barrydowne Rd. to Valley East to complete a “ring road” around Greater Sudbury. Serré will also continue to work towards viable economic solutions for the regions.

Serré is also pleased that there will be an increase for funding for FedNor (The Federal Economic Development Initiative for Northern Ontario) over the next two years. “This funding will benefit municipalities, community organizations, and non-profit entities. I will continue to work very closely with communities and FedNor to ensure we get our share in Nickel Belt and Northern Ontario.” asserts Serré.


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