Thursday , 3 September 2015

Dump that Zero (Internet Explorer) and get yourself a Hero (Google Chrome)

I’ll keep this short and sweet…if you’re still using Internet Explorer to browse the Web, you’re looking at it through a pair of broken and discolored glasses!

What’s worse is…you probably don’t even realize just how bad IE is. In some small circles, I’m considered to be a bit of an “expert” when it comes to computers, gadgets and web (just go with it!)…and I’m telling you Internet Explorer is bad…very, very bad.

Don’t believe me? Think I might be exaggerating?

Have a look at the following images. They are screen captures of this very site as seen in both Internet Explorer 9 (the latest and ahem! greatest version) and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer : the whole site is shifted to the left. RSS and Facebook icons in the upper left corner…should be way over to the right by the Search box. All that white space under the slideshow…don’t know where that comes from. Worse…that wide white space down the right hand side…that’s where all the widgets go! Boo…Internet Explorer. Boo.

screenshot.9 1024x458 Dump that Zero (Internet Explorer) and get yourself a Hero (Google Chrome)

This is what the site REALLY looks like (as seen in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari):


screenshot.11 Dump that Zero (Internet Explorer) and get yourself a Hero (Google Chrome)

I know…crazy, isn’t it?

Do yourself a favor, download and install Google Chrome (get it here) and see the Web as it was intended!

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